Tree Fort

Tree Fort A battlement of forest leaves hides the fort where old oaks grow arms out to hold the nails and treasures of the soldiers down below Climb up to look across the field and play until night’s glow this far outpost in a different land hurry now we’ve got to go down the ladder … More Tree Fort

Attic Memories

Attic Memories Father’s jacket hid in the attic many years; still good at its job, heavy, like the cold, wet, snow-covered tundra it pretended to be. He’d survived in this jacket, lived through the jagged frozen air that sliced open his lungs; made the great, mass retreat across a thousand miles of hell. I can’t … More Attic Memories

Achat Hotel Schwetzingen

Achat Hotel Schwetzingen by Ralph Weld Some people believe the whitest white comes from the presence of God. They’ve never seen the white linen tablecloths at the Achat Hotel in Schwetzingen where guests stuff their pie holes with sausage.  

Mementos (rev.)

Mementos (rev.) by Ralph Weld “I bought that shoe in Holland, that cross at Notre Dame,” to Amber, I say. My memories gathered in this room, side by side on the shelf, the dust laying over them like a sheet on a corpse. The dust holds my experiences, keeps the outline, its space ready for … More Mementos (rev.)

The Future Bones (rev.)

The Future Bones From the in-between spaces of shells on quarter acre lots facing blacktop curves and white concrete, young meat’s pinched like lobster (the morsels too big for their shells) for the machines of cityside where the meat-herds are gathered to be consumed as so much pizza coffee and sex.