Butterflies6 by Ralph Lynn Weld I saw butterflies today, thumbing for a ride by the side of the road, fidgeting and flitting they couldn’t stand still on the way that led to the shore. With tattooed circles and symbols, a secret tongue, they wore tie-dyed things this wild bunch moving everywhere except straight forward, moving chaotic … More Butterflies6


Charmel by Ralph Lynn Weld It’s worse when the rain stops. The humidity starts and it’s brutal, a sweat dripping, sopping washcloth kind of hot. Clouds hover in the air and the steam is starting to rise off the pavement. I don’t know what affects me more, Charmel or the heat. Charmel – smoking hot, … More Charmel


Len sits and pulls a cigarette out from a crumpled red pack that’s as red as blood in spit that spatters against the sides of a white sink. Flecks from white bone, face in the drain a flattened squeezed flesh-tube, goes by Len. Aged dark face, forearms, hands, and back of neck, colored like iron … More Len

Luv Bier Garten, Bremen

Luv Bier Garten, Bremen, Germany Here at the beer garden nothing lasts except the sameness of the outdoor umbrellas. Customers move down rows between long wooden tables, shoes crunching in gravel. Attractive young waiters in a tight white aprons, “Luv Bier” stenciled in bold black letters move through the tables while an impatient breeze comes … More Luv Bier Garten, Bremen