Calver Straβe #44

Calver Straβe  #44 Crowds gathered noisily during summer,four stories below our apartment, to sit at the small tables in front of sidewalk cafés that lined the street. They packed-in,side by side with empty glasses ready forsummer wine. We’d watch from our kitchen windowand smoke cigarettes. We drank beeruntil the ashtray was full and the coolness … More Calver Straβe #44

The Perfect V

Perfect V I am prone to search the snow covered path each winterfor footprints, where your boots crunched the frozen crust,cracked through to the crystalline powder underneath,proof your words echoed here in these winter winds,the shapes melted long ago. Your voice doesn’t sound like I think I remember it,the saved messages on my phone are … More The Perfect V

In Gaudi We Trust

From the edge of Park Güell’s upper platform, a multi-level park propped on candle stick columns, I see La Sagrada Familia, an anthill rising in the distance. At this time of day, the sun sets just the right amount and there is a multi-colored salamander warming itself on the wall. With one eye to the … More In Gaudi We Trust